Adversarial Deep Learning for Robust Detection of Binary Encoded Malware
    [code, paper].

  • Visual Hallmarks of Robustness to Adversarial Malware
    [code, paper].


  • Distributed Coevolutionary GANs
    [code, AAAI Fall Symposium’18, NeurIPS’18 Workshop on Sys4ML].

  • BN:
    Approximating Nash Equilibria for Black-Box Games: A Bayesian Optimization Approach
    [code, paper].

  • On the Application of Danskin’s Theorem to Derivative-Free Minimax Optimization
    [code, paper].

  • EmbeddedHunter:
    Multi-armed bandits meeting random matrix theory for large-scale black-box optimization
    [AAAI paper, code, poster, slides].

  • NMSO:
    Naïve Multi-Scale Optimisation Algorithm for solving black-box global optimisation problem.
    This algorithm is the 2nd runner-up out of 28 algorithms in the BBComp’15 competition.
    [MATLAB code, experiments data, supplement materials, paper].

  • BaMSOO; an implementation:
    An Implementation of the Bayesian Multi-Scale Optimisation for solving
    bound-constrained black-box global optimisation problem
    [MATLAB code, experiments data, paper].

  • Revisiting Norm Optimization for Multi-Objective Black-Box Problems: A Finite-Time Analysis

  • MO-SOO:
    Multi-Objective Simultaneous Optimistic Optimization for black-box multi-objective problems,
    [MATLAB code, C code, validation code, demo, BBComp’16 Competition, paper].

    Multi-Objective DIviding RECTangles for black-box multi-objective problems
    [MATLAB code, demo, paper].

  • BMOBench:
    A Black-box Multi-Objective Optimisation Benchmarking Platform.
    This is part of the MCDM 2016 - Real-Parameter Black-box Multi-Objective Optimization Benchmarking special session @ IEEE SSCI 2016. [webpage].

  • Surrogate Multi-Objective Optimization:
    A MATLAB Toolbox for Multi-Objective Optimization Based on MATSuMoTo
    Known Issue : Ill-conditioned matrix when using RBF, I am still waiting for MATSuMoTo's author's reply regarding this issue. If you managed to fix it. Please let me know.
    [MATLAB code, paper].

  • pymoutils:
    A Python utility code for multi-objective optimization. It is a wrapper for several functions, written in C / Python, which come handy when developing multi-objective algorithms in Python [code].

  • optSolve:
    an amateur linear and mixed integer program solver
    [C++ code].

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